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What are the benefits of having an energy storage system?


An energy storage system can be a key element of your photovoltaic installation. Its main task is to efficiently store energy produced by photovoltaic modules. It is worth emphasizing that the surplus energy generated during production is stored.

The storage system acts as a “battery” for the installation. When it reaches full charge and production continues, the excess energy is fed back into the general power grid.

However, there are times when your photovoltaic installation may not produce enough energy, such as on a cloudy day or at night. In such situations, your energy storage system becomes crucial. Thanks to its reserves, your home is continuously supplied with electricity, ensuring full comfort and reliability.

Thanks to this integrated infrastructure, the photovoltaic installation and storage system not only provide a source of energy, but also guarantee real savings in home energy management.

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    Battery Storage with Subsidy – MÓJ PRĄD 

    Grants of up to PLN 42,400 Available.

    Do you want your home to be energy-efficient and self-sufficient? Choose photovoltaics with an energy storage system and HEMS! With the “Mój Prąd” program, the subsidy for this combination is as high as PLN 23,000. If you also install a heat pump, your subsidy can be as high as PLN 42,400!



    Three-phase Integrated Energy Storage Inverter


    • Various operating modes for optimum performance.
    • In off-grid mode, the output can be connected to an unbalanced load, three-phase separate output is supported.
    • Up to 2 MPPT, allowing flexible configurations.
    • Large number of parallel systems, more flexible system solutions.
    • Up to two battery inputs. *Fully digital control for greater control accuracy.
    • Compact design with functional LCD display.”

    Storage battery module


    • Maximum battery power through optimization.
    • Flexible expansion of battery capacity possible.
    • Extremely low battery consumption in sleep mode.
    • User-friendly control
    • With the push of a button
    • Compatible with ME/ HYD 5k – 20KTL-3PH type inverters.
    • Design makes it easy to transport and install.

    LiFePo technology

    Lithium-ion magnesium LiFePo. A technology that combines the advantages of high current capacity and long life, allowing to achieve several thousand charge/discharge cycles. LiFePO batteries have a high energy density, so they stand out for their ability to concentrate a lot of energy while maintaining a compact size. Cells made with this technology are also characterized by high resistance to self-discharge. Importantly, these batteries are not susceptible to the “memory effect”, causing “loss” of actual capacity.

    An example of how to save!

    What are the main applications of energy storage?



    With an energy storage facility you will save on your electricity bills, making the entire investment pay for itself in just a few years!

    Energy storage facilities are a key component of the future energy infrastructure. Their use allows for more sustainable and efficient use of electricity, supporting renewable energy sources and increasing the reliability of energy supply. This solution also contributes to cost savings and the development of new technologies, which benefits society and the environment.