Photovoltaic Integrated Systems

systemy zintegrowane

BIPV photovoltaic systems utilize photovoltaic cells in the form of building materials. They can be installed as a roof-mounted installation instead of the building’s roof, but also as a part of the facade. BIPV elements can be combined freely to create various shapes and structures. Only insulation or strength parameters need to be considered to ensure high energy efficiency of the installation, which will produce electricity economically and ecologically.

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    Integrated photovoltaic system for home.

    Only well-matched solutions can fully harness the potential of solar energy. By leveraging the synergy of individual elements, it becomes possible to extract the full potential hidden in photovoltaics. This is precisely what an integrated photovoltaic system for homes offered by Hymon can provide.

    BIPV integrated photovoltaic systems for homes allow for covering the entire roof surface with a specified pitch, maximizing the effectiveness of harnessing solar energy. What characterizes this complete product? Our home integrated photovoltaic systems include:

    • technology developed in Switzerland,
    • high aesthetic and architectural qualities,
    • a substitute for roof tiles, metal roofing, and other roof coverings,
    • reliable waterproofing of the entire system,
    • easy and quick installation,
    • a solution designed for roofs with a pitch angle from 15° to 65°, ideal for single-family residential roofs.
    Zintegrowany system fotowoltaiczny dla domu

    Industrial Integrated photovoltaic Systems

    BIPV integrated photovoltaic systems can also be used in industry. When designing or constructing a modern production or warehouse facility, ecological solutions can be implemented by using photovoltaic elements in the form of building materials. This is a way to responsibly and ecologically create space and conduct business, as well as to reduce building operating costs.

    The main advantages of Hymon’s integrated BIPV photovoltaic systems for businesses include::

    • Modularity – each module can be individually dismantled during service or repair,
    • Aesthetic appearance,
    • Substitute for trapezoidal sheet metal, glass, and other roof coverings,
    • Durability – uncompromising waterproofing of the entire system ensured by appropriately designed gutters,
    • zAdvanced technology from Switzerland,
    • Easy and quick installation,
    • The system is ideal for large-surface roofs with low slopes, with a slope angle above 3°.
    Przemysłowe zintegrowane systemy fotowoltaiczne

    Integrated BIPV Systems -advantages

    BIPV systems are becoming an increasingly popular solution during the design and construction of buildings, thanks to their invaluable advantages, including:

    Cost Reduction

    Opting for integrated photovoltaic systems significantly reduces investment costs. Photovoltaic panels integrated into the building’s structure replace some building materials that would otherwise need to be used. There is also no need for additional financial outlay for photovoltaic installation..

    Savings and Energy Independence

    Having your own photovoltaic installation, which is an integral part of the building, significantly reduces electricity bills. BIPV systems also provide the opportunity to achieve energy independence from external power supplies.


    Installing photovoltaic panels in households, businesses, agriculture, or institutions is also an environmentally friendly action. Photovoltaic panels do not emit harmful substances during electricity production, thus not polluting the air.


    Integrated photovoltaic systems also offer aesthetic appeal. They are used already during the property’s design stage, seamlessly integrating into the building’s structure.

    Innovative Technologies at Home and in Business

    Hymon is the leading photovoltaic market leader in Poland. Since 2011, we have consistently provided services related to renewable energy sources. We offer individually tailored photovoltaic solutions, also focusing on innovative solutions such as industrial or domestic integrated photovoltaic systems.

    Reliable Advice, Comprehensive Offer, Knowledge, Experience, Nationwide Presence, and 100 of our own installation teams are just a few of Hymon’s advantages. Thousands of satisfied customers have already experienced this – join their ranks! Contact our company representative and get our offer for modern photovoltaic solutions.


    Domestic and Industrial Integrated Photovoltaic Systems from A to Z

    We understand that many of our customers appreciate comprehensive solutions, which is why we focus on installing solar panels. Our offer includes assistance in planning as well as the installation of photovoltaic systems. We also handle all administrative matters and offer servicing of installed installations.

    Meeting the expectations of our customers, we propose a holistic approach to the task, taking on the entire project. If you value convenience, familiarize yourself with our comprehensive approach to investments in photovoltaic systems.

    You can also count on comprehensive support for integrated BIPV photovoltaic systems, whether you plan to install them at home or in your business. We provide professional advice, efficient installation, and all necessary assistance during the project’s implementation!

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