Mounting systems for photovoltaic panels


Do you want to get information about the photovoltaic installation method? Consult it together with a representative of our company. Installing photovoltaic panels on the roof or on the ground holds no secrets for us. Thousands of satisfied customers have entrusted us with the design and installation of photovoltaic systems and the mounting of photovoltaic modules. Feel free to take advantage of our services!

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    Photovoltaic Panel Mounting System Why is it important?

    The efficient operation of the entire photovoltaic installation depends on the quality of its components. The technical parameters of photovoltaic panels and inverters are crucial, but equally important is the mounting of photovoltaic panels.

    A photovoltaic installation is installed for many years. However, it is exposed to sometimes extreme weather conditions – frost, rain, snow, heat, or strong winds. The entire installation, including the mounting system, must cope with mechanical loads such as stress caused by snow, hail, or wind, as well as chemical loads such as salt mist or acid rain.

    As important as resistance to external factors is the stability of the structure, which protects the photovoltaic modules from tearing and damage. Properly selected and installed photovoltaic panel mountings ensure the safe and trouble-free operation of the entire installation.

    System mocowania paneli fotowoltaicznych

    Photovoltaic Panel Mounting Systems -How to Choose?

    Photovoltaic panel mountings should be stable and adapted to environmental conditions. When choosing a mounting system, factors such as the following should be taken into account:

    • Roof type – to properly install photovoltaic structures, they must be adapted to the type of roof covering. Different mounting systems are used for trapezoidal sheet metal, ceramic tiles, or metal roofing tiles.
    • Roof shape and construction – roofs come in various shapes and non-standard sizes. Non-standard roof shapes require the selection of an appropriate mounting system. Mounting elements must position photovoltaic modules at the correct angle for them to operate with proper efficiency.
    • Mounting location – the amount of space and the method of mounting sometimes require the system to be installed vertically – in such cases, a special facade construction is needed.
    • Type and size of photovoltaic panels – mounting systems must be properly adapted to the weight, shape, and dimensions of the installed modules.

    Photovoltaic Panel Mounting Location – Roof or Ground

    The location of the photovoltaic installation is crucial for its efficient operation. The choice of photovoltaic panel mounting system depends on the chosen installation location.

    It is important for photovoltaic modules to be facing as close to south as possible for northern latitudes and north for southern latitudes. Modules should not be shaded, even partially, at any time of the day.

    For detailed information on installation methods, tilt angles, and types of mounting elements, you can consult with our company’s specialists – we will assist you in choosing the location and selecting the appropriate mounting system for your installation. Feel free to contact us!

    Solar Technologies of the Future in Your Home 

    Hymon offers comprehensive photovoltaic solutions. We offer professional selection of components for photovoltaic installations, including mounting systems. By using our services, you can also count on professional, efficient, and trouble-free installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof or on the ground.

    We operate nationwide, cooperating with private and business clients. We individually tailor solutions, including mounting systems, to investors’ needs, taking into account their expectations and possibilities. We offer the installation of photovoltaic panels in a freestanding version, as well as on all types of roofs – flat, sloped, or with non-standard construction.

    In our offer, you will find photovoltaic panel mounting systems that allow for the durable installation of PV panels in the most convenient location. Based on years of experience in the industry and thousands of completed orders, we have created mounting systems that are durable, resistant to external factors, and made of high-quality materials. Thanks to them, photovoltaic panels can operate at full efficiency and trouble-free for many years.

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