Photovoltaic installation 50kW

Fotowoltaika 50 kW

Small businesses will primarily benefit from installations of this kind, utilizing electricity to power computers, printers, and other electrical equipment, as well as air conditioning, lighting, or small production machinery. This is also an appropriate capacity for photovoltaic installations for agricultural households, which consume slightly more electricity than average households.

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    Instalacje fotowoltaiczne 50 kW

    Photovoltaic installation 50kw – definition

    All photovoltaic systems with a capacity not exceeding 50 kW are defined in legal regulations as micro-installations. The owner of a micro-installation is recognized as a prosumer, meaning an entity that produces and consumes electricity for its own needs. In the case of conducting business activities, the main purpose cannot be the production of electricity. The investor must also have a comprehensive agreement signed with the energy distributor. A building permit is not required for the installation of micro-installations.

    On the other hand, in the case of having a photovoltaic installation with a capacity exceeding 50 kW, businesses are recognized as entities that sell excess electricity produced at the average selling price of electricity on the competitive market. Therefore, from a legal perspective, the 50 kW threshold is very important.

    Power of the photovoltaic installation – correct selection

    In order to achieve the highest savings from photovoltaics, the size of the photovoltaic installation should be appropriately matched to the electricity demand. When selecting the power of the photovoltaic installation, both power consumption and other factors such as installation location (including orientation relative to the cardinal directions, shading, surface area), time and level of self-consumption of the produced energy, as well as the investment plans of the company or agricultural household that may affect energy demand, should be taken into account. Therefore, it is very important for the calculations regarding the size of the installation to be made by a specialist.

    However, what happens in the case of improperly sized installations? Too small a capacity will not sufficiently reduce electricity bills, thereby lowering the profitability of the investment, while too large a capacity means prolonging the payback period of the investment.

    Instalacje PV 50 kW

    How much electricity will a 50 kW photovoltaic installation produce?

    The amount of electricity produced by photovoltaic panels is primarily dependent on the amount of sunlight reaching them. In Poland, where the average solar irradiance is around 1000 kWh per square meter, a 50 kW photovoltaic installation can generate between 45,000 to 50,000 kWh annually. However, other factors such as orientation relative to the cardinal directions, tilt angle of the photovoltaic modules, potential shading, and local climatic conditions should also be considered. Therefore, it is estimated that for every 1000 kWh of annual electricity demand, approximately 1.25 kWp of installation capacity should be accounted for. Consequently, a 50 kW photovoltaic system would be a suitable solution for businesses and agricultural households with an annual electricity consumption of around 42,000 kWh.

    Panele fotowoltaiczne 50 kW

    Photovoltaic installation 50kw – Who is this solution for?

    A 50 kW photovoltaic installation is a sizable structure suitable for environments where electricity consumption is relatively high, around 42,000 kWh annually. It is applicable for businesses requiring electricity to power computers, printers, other electrical equipment, lighting, air conditioning, or small production machinery for approximately 8-9 hours per day. The maximum allowable capacity of a micro-installation, which is 50 kW, will meet the electricity demand in offices, warehouses, hotels, resorts, restaurants, as well as small manufacturing facilities.

    A 50 kW photovoltaic system is also a beneficial solution for agricultural households where, similar to businesses, a significant amount of electricity is consumed throughout the day. It is during peak sunlight hours, which positively impact electricity production, that farmers require the highest amount of power to operate the electrical equipment necessary for agricultural production.

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    Why should one opt for a 50 kW photovoltaic installation?

    A 50 kW photovoltaic system enables efficient execution of tasks at low electricity production costs. The savings obtained through investment in a company’s photovoltaic installation also allow for better budget management. The saved funds can be invested in company development, salary increases, or hiring additional employees.

    Investing in photovoltaic modules also provides an opportunity to become independent from electricity price hikes, which have been keenly felt in recent years by everyone, including farmers and entrepreneurs. Investors need not worry about rising electricity rates for a very long time, as photovoltaic panels can operate efficiently for up to 25-30 years.

    Utilizing renewable energy solutions additionally offers the possibility of building a positive, environmentally friendly image for the company. Photovoltaics are an environmentally friendly solution because, unlike traditional power plants, they do not emit harmful substances, including carbon dioxide. An increasing number of consumers are aware of the need for environmentally friendly solutions and choose producers who also follow this trend.


    How much does a 50 kW photovoltaic installation cost?

    The cost of each photovoltaic installation depends on various factors such as:

    • The power of the photovoltaic installation,
    • The type of photovoltaic panels and the technical parameters and quality of the components used,
    • The location of the photovoltaic system (on the roof or on the ground),
    • Warranty for individual components,
    • Delivery and installation service.

    A 50 kW photovoltaic system along with all necessary components is covered by a promotion in our company, which you can learn more about on our website.

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