Photovoltaic inverter


A photovoltaic system requires a photovoltaic inverter for proper operation. This device plays an extremely important role and operates in often changing and unpredictable conditions. The proper selection of a solar inverter is key to the efficient and reliable operation of the entire photovoltaic installation. Professionals from Hymon company will help you choose the right device!

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    What is a photovoltaic inverter?

    The solar inverter, also known as a photovoltaic inverter or frequency converter, is one of the most important components of a photovoltaic installation. It converts the direct current produced by photovoltaic panels into alternating current, which flows through sockets and powers electrical devices. It also serves to monitor the operation of the installation and acts as a protective device. Additionally, it synchronizes the photovoltaic installation with the power grid and records operational data.

    Solar inverters are crucial for the operation of the entire photovoltaic system. Their failure results in the cessation of installation operation, making it crucial to choose the right device. It is advisable to use devices from reputable manufacturers known for their high efficiency. Such photovoltaic inverters can be found in Hymon’s product range.

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    Types of photovoltaic inverters

    The proper selection of an inverter has a huge impact on the operation of the entire installation. Before making a purchase, it is worth consulting a specialist to choose an inverter that is adapted to the type of installation.

    There are three types of inverters available on the market:

    1. Grid-tied photovoltaic inverters, which cooperate with the electrical grid.
    2. Off-grid photovoltaic inverters, which do not cooperate with the power grid – in this case, batteries are necessary to store excess energy.
    3. Hybrid inverters – they can cooperate with the public grid while simultaneously storing energy in batteries.

    Solar inverters can also be divided into:

    1. Single-phase photovoltaic inverters, which handle only one phase and are therefore used for low-power installations (up to 3 kW).
    2. Three-phase photovoltaic inverters, which are significantly more efficient and can be used for higher-power installations (over 3 kW). Three-phase photovoltaic inverters are currently the most popular solution, often used even in lower-power installations.

    Get help choosing a solar inverter

    The performance of a photovoltaic installation largely depends on the efficiency of the inverter, which is why selecting the right one and ensuring proper installation are crucial. The choice of the device should be tailored to the daily production and consumption of electricity. Consideration should also be given to the type of installation, connection to the power grid, and various other factors that affect the operation of the photovoltaic installation.

    If you’re unsure which photovoltaic inverter to choose, rely on the professional assistance of specialists from Hymon. We will help you select a device with the appropriate technical parameters that meets your expectations. Feel free to contact us!

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    Professional installation Photovoltaic inverter

    Our years of experience in the photovoltaic market and thousands of completed projects have enabled us to establish high standards of work. We offer our clients the best quality services and comprehensive implementation. We conduct photovoltaic audits, assist in selecting the installation location, carry out the installation of photovoltaic panels and other photovoltaic elements, including photovoltaic inverters, and handle the connection to the power grid. We provide operational guidance and answer any questions regarding system operation.

    Our company has installation teams throughout the country. Installation teams are responsible for selecting and installing the installation, and professional technicians handle their servicing. Our excellently trained staff is one of Hymon’s greatest assets.

    You can rely on us for assistance in selecting photovoltaic installation components. We offer high-quality photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic inverters, mounting systems, and other solar solutions, all available from our experts. We also handle their installation, completing orders efficiently and professionally!

    Take advantage of our services and achieve maximum satisfaction with the project implementation with minimal time commitment.