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    The i-Clean technology removes dust, mold and grease that can cause unpleasant odors. Thanks to an internal fan, it dries the evaporator, thus preventing mold growth and keeping the interior clean. Take care of your health and bet on the safety of yourself and your family. Choose a solution with Blaupunkt brand air conditioners and live healthy!


    During the operation of a traditional air conditioner, there is instability in the temperature of the room due to its fluctuations. Our air conditioners break out of this pattern thanks to a unique technology. The use of the “Follow me” function allows the unit to follow the user’s needs. The air conditioner regulates the temperature in the room based on the temperature around the control unit. The air outlet automatically moves both horizontally and vertically. This allows pleasant and cool air to reach every corner of the room.

    Extremely quiet operation 

    Portable air conditioners are much louder than those offered by the Blaupunkt brand. During operation, it is quiet enough that it will not disturb the sleep of even a newborn baby. Of course, the sound of the air conditioner can be heard, but only as a steady hum. The built-in “Do Not Disturb” function will allow you to turn off the ring and the display, which will promote a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

    Energy savings

    Intelligent on/off technology allows Blaupunkt products to automatically enter energy-saving mode while in standby mode, reducing power consumption from the normal 4-5W to 0.5-1W, a savings of up to 80%! Using an optimized air fan, the ducts provide the same airflow with 30% less power thanks to the new design. This makes the air conditioner an unbeatable choice in terms of energy savings.

    Intelligent control

    With the controller, you can remotely turn on and off the air conditioner, alarm, central controller, adjusting the device to your own purposes. If the house is empty for a long time in the winter, the air conditioner ensures that the room temperature is maintained at a constant 8 degrees Celsius, which will prevent items in the household from freezing. The speed of the outdoor fan can be varied according to the temperature of the condenser. This allows the air conditioner to operate smoothly even at low temperatures (down to -15 degrees).

    Wi-Fi connection

    You can manage your air conditioning from anywhere in your home! Thanks to a special app you have this possibility, which provides convenience and peace of mind. In addition, simple operation allows you to change the air conditioning settings with the app, even for the elderly or children.