Heat Pumps


What do you gain by having a heat pump?

A heat pump is a solution that utilizes completely natural, readily available, and free resources, making it a financially and economically beneficial choice. It contributes to reducing expenses incurred on heating the home.

A heat pump can be installed in both new and renovated buildings. The installation of an air-to-water heat pump is almost non-invasive – it does not require complicated earthworks, drilling, or access to groundwater. It can also be connected to an existing heating system, where heat receivers, such as radiators, are used. However, the efficiency of the heat pump will be highest in the case of radiant heating, such as underfloor heating or wall heating.

The heat pump has many applications – besides heating the building, it can also be used for cooling rooms and for preparing domestic hot water. It also guarantees safety, provides users with convenience, and its installation is almost non-invasive. Ensure high thermal comfort for yourself and your household members – discover top-quality heat pumps available in our offer!


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    What is a heat pump?

    Heat pumps are heating devices designed to provide heating for buildings and to prepare domestic hot water. Many of them also have a cooling function, so they can successfully be used instead of air conditioning.

    How do heat pumps work? They extract heat energy from outside the building, from the so-called low-energy source, and then direct it to the heating installation inside the building. To generate heat, a heat pump uses energy from the natural environment in 75% and requires electrical energy for the remaining 25%.

    The principle of operation of a heat pump is based on renewable energy sources. The heat pump extracts thermal energy from the surroundings: from the ground (ground-source heat pumps), from water (water-source heat pumps), or from the air (air-source heat pumps, including air-to-air heat pumps and air-to-water heat pumps). These are entirely natural and inexhaustible resources.

    Low operating costs

    Using a heat pump results in lower operating costs for the home. Expenditures on heating the building and for domestic hot water decrease significantly, leaving additional financial resources in the household budget. Savings can be achieved for many years, also reducing dependence on rising fuel prices.


    A heat pump is a reliable device that can operate at full efficiency for up to 50 years. It relies on renewable resources and requires only a small amount of electrical energy to function.

    Maximum comfort

    A properly selected air-to-water heat pump is a reliable device providing high thermal comfort even in extreme outdoor temperatures. It ensures warmth throughout the winter and the preparation of domestic hot water. The built-in cooling function allows for lowering the air temperature during the hottest days. An additional convenience is the ability to remotely monitor the installation through the MELCloud application.


    Compared to other heating devices, heat pumps are a completely safe solution. The operation of heat pumps does not involve the risk of explosion or gas leakage, nor do they pose a fire hazard. Heating the building with a heat pump ensures the safety of the occupants.

    Compact installation

    The installation of a heat pump is non-invasive – there is no need for complicated construction work. It is possible to install a heat pump in almost any building, including cases where there are no special boiler rooms. Heat pumps are quiet devices that do not disturb the peace of residents, and they are also clean.

    Reduction of CO2 emissions

    Heat pumps are an environmentally friendly alternative to heating systems based on fossil fuels and other heating materials. They contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere because heat is produced without combustion, and therefore, no toxic substances are produced.

    Korzyści posiadania pompy ciepła

    The Hydrobox together with the heat pump? 
    A perfect duo

    An innovative and compact technical solution that streamlines installation work and, most importantly, allows it to be completed faster than ever before.

    Hydrobox Blaupunkt

    Heat pump and photovoltaics – a perfect match

    A heat pump is a device that uses 75% of its energy from the natural environment and 25% from electricity. This is why the ideal combination is to install a heat pump together with photovoltaics, which provides free electricity.

    By combining a heat pump with a PV system, you can achieve a more efficient and sustainable energy solution, leading to a faster payback period, higher financial savings, and ultimately, complete energy independence. Excess energy generated by the PV system can be used to power the heat pump or stored for later use, maximizing its utilization and minimizing grid reliance.

    Pompa ciepła i fotowoltaika – idealne połączenie

    BLAUPUNKT Heat Pumps

    In collaboration with a German leader, we have created an exclusive line of photovoltaic systems and heat pumps. Blaupunkt heat pumps combine the 100-year tradition of the Blaupunkt brand with Hymon’s innovative approach to the development of renewable energy sources in Poland. Blaupunkt heat pumps guarantee hot water and a comfortable indoor temperature, even in extreme outdoor temperatures. The Blaupunkt heat pump series is dedicated to the European climate.

    Blaupunkt devices are efficient and effective, using components from world-class manufacturers. They also feature an interesting and thoughtful design. The pumps have been successfully tested at the Center for Sustainable Development and Energy Conservation WGGiOŚ AGH in Miękinia.

    Nowoczesna pompa ciepła Blaupunkt

    Photovoltaic Batteries: modern Technologies in Your Home

    We install solar power plants wherever our customers need them. We have been operating nationwide since 2011. Thanks to long-term and partnership cooperation with suppliers of components included in photovoltaic kits, we can offer the most innovative products available on the market.


    Reduce costs by obtaining subsidies!

    A heat pump is an investment that pays off relatively quickly, sometimes as soon as 5-7 years. The return on investment is even faster when subsidies from local and national government programs are obtained.

    By using our services, customers gain assistance in completing the necessary documentation and obtaining subsidies. One of the programs offering subsidies is the government’s “Clean Air” program, aimed at reducing emissions from single-family homes. It provides subsidies for replacing old solid fuel furnaces and boilers as well as thermomodernization of single-family buildings.

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